Biotin Hydrazide

Biotin Hydrazide

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Product Description

Biotin Hydrazide is a carbohydrate reactive biotinylation reagent. Biotin Hydrazide is used for labeling mouse monoclonal antibodies, unpaired cytosine residues in nucleic acids and it is also used fo coupling to glycoproteins through the carbohydrate by hydrazone formation.

  • Carbohydrate reactive
  • biotin hydrazide is a a simplest hydrazide-activated biotinylation reagent
  • Microscopy studies on membranes
  • Alternative names: Biotin-hydrazide,Hydrazide-activated biotin
  • Reactive groups Hydrazide, reacts with aldehydes at pH 4 to 6

Click here to view chemical structures of Hydrazide-Biotin compounds.

References: 1.) O'Shannessy, D.J., et al. (1984) Immun. Letters 8, 273-277. 2.) Heitzmann, H., et al. (1974) PNAS 71, 3537-3541. 3.) Lisanti, M.P., et al. (1989) J. Cell Biol. 109, 2117-2127.

Technical Specifications

Molecular Weight:: 258.34
Molecular Formula:: C10H18N4SO2
Appearance Form:: Powder
Appearance Color:: White to off-white
Purity:: >95%
Storage Temperature:: 2-8°C
Hazardous Shipping:: Non-hazardous



Technical Documentation

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