GlycoMatrix™ Custom Services
GlycoMatrix™, a division of bio-World has over 40 years of experience and expertise in proteins and glycoproteins purification, antibody product and macromolecules conjugation technologies. Our customized services are for research application use only and not intended for therapeutic uses or applications. We offer, HRP, AP, colloidal gold and biotin conjugation services from mg to gm quantities of our AffyPure™ Lectins or customer-supplied proteins/antibodies.

Colloidal Gold Labeling
Custom colloidal gold conjugation service is available for particle sizes from 4 to 30 nanometers. For OEM bulk colloidal gold conjugates, GlycoMatrix™ offers colloidal gold-labeled conjugates with high quality and precise optical densities.
Our colloidal gold products are supplied in solutions and are packaged in siliconized amber vials. The colloidal gold conjugates are stabilized to avoid aggregation. The gold particle sizes 10nm and larger have an OD520 = 4.0 or more while particles of 4nm to 10nm have an OD520 = 1-2.0. Gold-conjugates must be stored properly to avoid aggregation which may be indicated by a change in color from red to blue or purple.

Custom Lectin Conjugates
bioWORLD, the parent company of GlycoMatrix™, produces Separopore®-based bioAffinity matrices for various glycans which are used for the purification of AffyPure™ lectins in milligram to gram quantities. This reduces the cost of production and makes GlycoMatrix™ products more competitive. Our AffyPure™ lectins are used for fluorescent tagging, and other conjugates and are available for OEM and for custom conjugations.

Cancer BioMarkers (OncoPoint™)
GlycoMatrix™ offers highly purified lectins for detecting various glycans and glycosylation patterns in glycoproteins shown to be specific for various cancer types and approved by FDA as a cancer biomarker. We offer Multi-Lectin Kits in various formats that are specific for a given glycan to identify various cancer biomarkers. The MagneZoom™ (Magnetic bead-coupled lectins are ideal for various IP (immunoprecipitations) to fish-out conjugates, and eventually use Lectin-Separopore® products to purify such complexes in larger quantities for further characterization.

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