Oncorhynchus keta Lectin (CSL3) - Cy3

Oncorhynchus keta Lectin (CSL3) - Cy3

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Product Description

Affinity purified Oncorhynchus keta Lectin (CSL3) (SKU: 21510016) was isolated from the eggs of chum salmon, a species of anadromous fish. CSL3 is a homodimer that has four outward-oriented domains, thus acquiring pseudo-tetrameric structure. CSL3 has shown agglutination towards rabbit, sheep, and human type A, B, and O erythrocytes. Each 20 kDa subunit is composed of two carbohydrate-binding site containing domains. It has been shown that CSL3 evokes apoptosis when bound to Gb3 as a cell receptor, pointing to its potential applications in cancer. Cy3 can be used to visualize the binding pattern of CSL3 in cellular imaging and flow cytometry. Cy3 is more photostable than many other flourophores and can be seen with TRITC filter sets. It is commonly combined with green-fluorescent dyes for dual-labeling. Cyanine dyes are better able to withstand the harsh dehydration and embedding conditions required for mounting sections in non-polar plastic media and are brighter in a non-polar environment than in an aqueous medium. Advantages of plastic over aqueous mounting media include quality of brightness, contrast, and longevity of the fluorescence. This product comes in a stabilized liquid form.


  • Source: Oncorhynchus keta (Chum salmon)
  • Activity: Shows agglutination against rabbit, sheep and human erythrocytes
  • Protein Concentration (Based on OD 280): 1 mg purified CSL3 - Cy3 / 1 ml buffer
  • Carbohydrate Specificity: L-Rhamnose
  • Inhibitory Carbohydrate: L-Rhamnose >> Melibiose, Raffinose
  • Conjugtion: Cy3
  • Excitation: Maximum at 550 nm
  • Emission: Maximum at 570 nm

Storage and Stability:

Store frozen at -20°C in amber vials or covered with foil in appropriate aliquot sizes. Avoid freeze thaw cycles. Can be stored at 2-8°C for short term use.

Technical Specifications

Abbreviation: CSL3
Material Source:: Chum Salmon
Conjugate:: Cyanine 3 (Cy3)
Concentration:: 1 mg/mL
Appearance Form:: Liquid
Appearance Color:: Orange
Shelf Life:: 1 year
Blood Group Specificity:: Non-specific
Preferred Sugar Specificity:: L-Rhamnose
Inhibiting or Eluting Sugar:: L-Rhamnose >> Melibiose, Raffinose
Fluorescence:: Orange
Divalent Ions:: None Required
Excitation:: 550 nm
Emission:: 570 nm
Lyophilized or Liquid: Liquid
Storage Temperature:: 2-8°C
Hazardous Shipping:: Non-hazardous



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