Cu-IMAC 5 x 2mL Columns

Cu-IMAC 5 x 2mL Columns

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Product Description

Cu-immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) columns consist of Cu-Chelated Separopore®matrix conveniently prepacked spin columns for gravity flow chromatography. Cu-IMAC Columns separate proteins via their differences in affinity to Cu2+ metal ions. Ideal for purification of recombinant proteins containing (His)6 fusion tag.

Technical Specifications

  • Imminodiacetate immobilized matrix charged with Cu metal ions.
  • Chelating group coupling method: epoxy activation
  • Matrix: cross-linked Separopore® 4B
  • Particle size (range): 50-170µm
  • Metal ion capacity: > 20µmol Cu2+/ml gel
  • Spacer arm: 14 atom
  • pH stability: 3-12
  • Binding Capacity: Approx. 40 mg His-tagged protein/ml medium
  • Supplied as suspension in 20% ethanol.
  • Technical Specifications

    Storage Temperature:: 2-8°C
    Hazardous Shipping:: Non-hazardous



    Technical Documentation

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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