Bradford Dye Concentrate 5X

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The bioSPECTRUM™ Dye-Affinity Column Kit #1 contains six different columns containing agarose bead-immobilized dyes that makes it easy to evaluate whether one of the six has selective affinity for the protein(s) of interest. Dye affinity is a rapid, inexpensive, and versatile method that is applicable to the purification of many proteins. Dye chromatography uses mimics of natural protein ligands to act aspseudo-affinity ligands for protein separations. Reactive dyes are immobilized to a solid support, Separopore® 4B-CL matrix. The dyes act as a competitive inhibitor for a protein’s normal ligand. Several reactive dyes have been found to bind to proteins, especially those with affinities to various nucleotides. Immobilized dyes have been found to bind from 5 to 60% of the proteins in various crude cell extracts. The affinity for reactive dyes to proteins may be due to substrate / cofactor similarities, as well as hydrophobic and ion exchange properties. Because the affinity or specificity of a dye for a particular nucleotide binding site is not very well predicted, the most effective method for the determination of a specific protein's binding capacity is a screening procedure with several types of immobilized reactive dyes. bioWORLD's bioSPECTRUM™ Dye-Affinity Column Kit #1 includes a trial size, six-pack pre-packed 2.5 mL column each of:Red Separopore® 4B-CLBlue Separopore® 4B-CLReactive Blue 4 Separopore® 4B-CLYellow Separopore® 4B-CLGreen Separopore® 4B-CLBrown Separopore® 4B-CL"

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