Artocarpus integrifolia Lectin (AIA) - Pure

Artocarpus integrifolia Lectin (AIA) - Pure

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Product Description

Artocarpus integrifolia Lectin (AIA) is purified by affinity chromatography and is tetrameric two-chain structure consisting of four identical protomers with an isoelectric point of pH 7.8. The lectin has specificity for blood group types O (+SA) and T. Jacalin is considered a galactose-specific lectin and elutes with galactose or melibiose. A post-translational proteolytic modification of Jacalin gives the lectin a novel carbohydrate-binding site involving the N terminus of the α-chain. The protein's structure explains its carbohydrate-binding specificity of T-antigen disaccharide Galß1,3GalNAc. Potent inhibitors of jacalin include D-galactose, ß-Met-Gal and 2-deoxy-α-D-galactose. This product comes in a stable lyophilized form.


  • Source: Artocarpus integrifolia (Jackfruit)
  • Activity: Less than 0.5 ug /ml will agglutinate neuraminidase treated human erythrocytes.
  • Carbohydrate Specificity: Galß1-3GalNAc
  • Inhibitory Carbohydrate: Galactose or Melibiose
  • Mitogenic Activity: Yes
  • Divalent ions required: None

Storage and Stability:

Store frozen at -20°C in amber vials or covered with foil in appropriate aliquot sizes. Avoid freeze thaw cycles. Can be stored at 2-8°C for short term use.

Technical Specifications

Abbreviation: AIA
Material Source:: Jacalin
Conjugate:: None
Molecular Weight:: 66 kDa
Purity:: Affinity purified
Shelf Life:: 2 years
Blood Group Specificity:: O (+SA), T antigen
Preferred Sugar Specificity:: Galβ3GalNAc
Inhibiting or Eluting Sugar:: Galactose or Melibiose
Divalent Ions:: None Required
Mitogenic Activity:: Yes
Lyophilized or Liquid: Lyophilized
Storage Temperature:: -20°C
Hazardous Shipping:: Non-hazardous


Cancer biomarker, Isolation of human IgA and plasma glycoproteins, Histochemistry, AIDS research


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