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AffyPure™ (Affinity-Purified) lectins are proteins that bind to specific carbohydrates in cellular membranes. They bind molecules together without initiating an immune response. Their sugar specificity allows agglutination of particular blood group cells. Several lectins also act as mitogens for specific cell types.

GlycoMatrix™ AffyPure™ lectins have a purity level of 95-98%.


Aberrant glycosylation is a key feature of malignant transformation, and this process generates a variety of glycosylated molecules that are secreted or on the cell surface. This serves as a biomarker for the onset of the cancer state. A biomarker can appear during pathogenic processes or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic treatment. Almost 50% of all human proteins are glycosylated, aberrant glycosylation has been associated with the onset of cancer morphogenesis, such as in oral carcinoma or prostate cancer. Biomarkers can be produced by tumor tissue, as well as bodily fluids including blood, urine, sputum, saliva, or tissue. Using a multi-lectin affinity approach, a global glycoproteome profile can be obtained.

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