TagON™Biotin Antibody and Protein Labeling Kit

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Labeling of antibodies, lectins, and other proteins is necessary for a variety of immunohistology applications. The TagOn™ Protein Labeling Kit simplifies the attachment ofBiotin to any protein. bioWorld‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©s TagOn™ protein Labeling Kit is designed for the simple and fast labeling of proteins withBiotin to label antibodies, peptide hormones, or other proteins as well as other macromolecules containing primary amino groups. Labeled proteins using TagON™ can be used in a variety of applications, such as immunological assays, fluorescence microscopy, and Western blotting.Biotin reacts with primary amines (i.e. lysine residues or terminal amino groups) on the protein, forming a covalent bond. The unrelatedBiotin is removed using spin columns (provided). The linkage between theBiotin and the protein produced with TagOn™ reagents is stable, with no loss of the label during storage. TagOn™Kit is supplied with a complete set of instructions which provides a step-by-step guide for convenient and easy labeling of proteins withBiotin. Storage at 2-4‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬©C. Shipped on blue ice.

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