Scorpion™ - Universal Avidin: Biotin HRP Stain Kit

Scorpion™ - Universal Avidin: Biotin HRP Stain Kit
Scorpion™ - Universal Avidin: Biotin HRP Stain Kit
Product image 1Scorpion™ - Universal Avidin: Biotin HRP Stain Kit
Product image 2Scorpion™ - Universal Avidin: Biotin HRP Stain Kit

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The versatile avidin-biotin complex interaction allows this system to be modular and appropriate selection of secondary antibodies, it can accommodate a wide array of primary antibodies and tissues from different species. The Scorpion™ Avidin: BiotinKits are easy to use and economical for any immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) applications. The Peroxidase substrates produces sharp, dense precipitates with crisp localization. These characteristics, in conjunction with the high sensitivity and low background of the Scorpion™ universal systems, make it a preferred choice in many applications, such as neural tissue where it gives more consistent labeling. The following features of thisKit make it preferred reagent in manyHRP detection applications: ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© Fast Procedure: Staining in less than 30 minutes after primary antibody labeling. ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© High sensitivity and low background. ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© Biotinylated Universal Pan-Specific secondary antibody recognizes mouse, rabbit, and goat primary antibodies as well as those from related species such as, rat, bovine, and sheep. ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© ReadyGo™: The working solutions are prediluted and stabilized for staining, saving time. Note: The use of pan-specific secondary antibody to stain rat, mouse (or other rodent), rabbit, goat, bovine, or sheep tissues is not recommended due to potential cross reactivity with endogenous IgG. Kit Components include: Each of the stabilized, prediluted reagents are supplied as ReadyGo™ in dropper bottles. ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© Normal horse serum (2.5%), 50mL ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© Biotinylated, stabilized horse universal pan-specific (anti-mouse/rabbit/goat IgG) secondary antibody ‚àö√Æ‚àö‚àè≈í¬© Peroxidase-streptavidin complex, ReadyGo™, 50mL ThisKit contains sufficient reagents to stain approximately 300-500 fresh or paraffin embedded sections.

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