Scorpion™ Horse Anti-Mouse IgG-HRP Detection Kit (50mL)

Scorpion™ Horse Anti-Mouse IgG-HRP Detection Kit (50mL)

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PolyHRP reporter enzyme conjugated immunohistology reagents utilizes unique conjugation and glycopolymer chemistries to produce a highly sensitive, one-step detection systemKit. The highly activeHRP enzyme is attached to the affinity purified secondary antibodies, producing reagents that are highly sensitive and more stable. The glycopolymer attached enzymes provide enhanced accessibility to the target with limited interference. This results in crisper intense staining of the target, particularly the low abundant nuclear and membrane antigens. This one-step detection system is suitable for goat, sheep, and bovine IgG primary antibodies. TheKit components include: ‚àö√ò PolyHRP coupled Horse Anti-Mouse IgG: 15ml (ReadyGo™) with stabilizer and preservative. ‚àö√ò Normal Horse Serum (2.5%) for blocking, 15 ml (ReadyGo™) with preservative

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