ReadyGo™ Animal-Free Protein Block (AFB) and Diluent

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Product Description

This purified plant protein solution is a universal antibody diluent and blocking reagent intended for cell and tissue-based immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF) and Western blot applications to avoid cross reactivity with animal proteins. This ReadyGo™ AFB solution can be used as an alternative to normal sera, BSA, casein and non-fat dry milk in methods where these blocking agents are proven ineffective and exhibit high background or cross reactivity with certain antibodies. The ReadyGo™ AFB solution is supplied as a sterile reagent and is free of any sodium azide. This reagent can be used with both peroxidase andAlkaline Phosphatase antibody conjugates. This blocking solution is especially convenient in multiplex (multiple antigen labeling) reactions for IHC applications where antibodies from different species are often used. This formulation is different than the concentrated (5X) animal-free blocker and has a neutral pH for direct IHC and IF applications.

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