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bioWORLDís Intenseâ„¢ fluorochrome-conjugated Streptavidin and Avidin are highly purified reagents with very low non-specific reactivities. Since these proteins have a high affinity forBiotin, their fluorescent labeled conjugates (developed for maximum fluorescence per unit of protein) can be used to detect macromolecules such as,Biotinylated secondary antibodies, lectins and other proteins for applications in immunofluorescence, in-situ hybridization, flow cytometry, and ELISA assays. Further amplification of fluorescent signals can be achieved withBiotinylated secondary antibodies followed by fluorochrome-labeled Streptavidin or Avidin reagents. Thus, aBiotin: avidin orBiotin: streptavidin detection system provides significant amplification of a signal in comparison to a directly conjugated secondary antibody used for the detection of a target. Our Intenseâ„¢ Fluorescent AvidinKit contains 500 µg of three fluorescently labeled Streptavidin conjugates:AMCA Avidin,Texas Red‚àö√ú Avidin, and Fluorescein Avidin. Fluorescein Avidin is a green-yellow fluorescence that excites at 495 nm and emits at 515 nm.Texas Red‚àö√ú Avidin is deep red and excites at 595 nm and emits at 615 nm.AMCA- Avidin is blue and excites at 350 nm and emits at 450 nm, providing the option of introducing multiple labels into a section. This panel of fluorescent streptavidin products provides sufficient reagent to stain 300-500 sections frozen or paraffin embedded sections. Shipped on blue ice.

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