Intense™ Fluorescein Antibody and Protein Labeling Kit

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BioWorld‚àö‚â†s Intense™ Protein Labeling Kit allows coupling of fluorescein to antibodies, lectins or any other proteins in a simple one step process. The Intense™ Protein Labeling Kit is ideally suited to label antibodies, peptides, hormones, or other proteins as well as any other macromolecules that contain primary amino groups where fluorescein is attached. The labeling reagent reacts with primary amines (internal lysine residues or terminal amino groups) of the protein/ peptide, forming a stable covalent bond. Any unreacted fluorochrome is easily removed using spin columns (provided). Such fluorophore labeled proteins can be used in a variety of applications, such as ELISA assays, immunohistology, and fluorescent cell sorting. The Intense™ Protein Labeling Kit contains all the necessary components for six labeling reactions having up to 1mg of protein per reaction.

Kit components include:

Purified fluorochrome: fluorescein isothiocyanate

Fluorochrome Solvent

Reaction Buffer

Quenching Buffer

6 x 1mL Pre-packed Spin Columns

6 x 2mL Collection Tubes

6 Amber Tubes for storage of labeled protein.

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