ForMax™Rhodamine (TMRITC) Avidin D

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bioWORLD‚àö‚â†s ForMax™ Deglycosylated Avidin (Avidin D)Rhodamine (TMRITC) conjugate is made from affinity purified Avidin D and is optimally labeled with TMRITC.Rhodamine has an absorption maximum around 550 nm and a maximum emission around 575 nm. Avidin DRhodamine produces a red color and is used for a variety of immunofluorescence applications involvingBiotin-labeled protein detection. OftenRhodamine is used as a second label to fluorescein to avoid endogenous tissue fluorescence. TheRhodamine conjugate, however, has a lower quantum yield compared to fluorescein which is compensated by a reduction in photobleaching of TMRITC.

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