Formalin 10% Fixative, Neutral-Buffered

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Product Description

Appearance: Liquid

Atomic Number: Not available.

Boiling Point : 93.9ºC to 100ºC

ChEBI : Not available.

Crystal_Structure : Not available.

Density : 1

Electron Configuration : Not available.

InChI : Not available.

InChIKey : Not available.

Ionization Energy : Not available.

Melting Point: 0ºC

Molar Mass: Not available.

NFPA 704: Not available.

Synonyms: Not available.
Neutral Buffered Formalin is the most commonly used fixative in every pathology laboratory and is typically used on histology/cytology samples. It is a toxic material and it’s formulation can create precipitates due to impurities. Degradation of the product can create artifacts in your samples, wasting your time and money. bioWORLD offers a stabilized, ready-to-use, 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin to ensure consistent results that are free of any artifacts after fixation.

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