Quick Reversible Stain

Five Minute Reversible Stain

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Product Description

Quick Reversible Stain is a single step protocol for staining protein in SDS-PAGE gels. No destaining is neccessary for band visualization. Quick Reversible Stain is based on copper ions and produces colorless images of a band against semi-opaque background. This stain has greater sensitivity than Coomassie Blue. With sensitivity up to 10 ng of BSA, bands are visable in 12% acrylamide. Gels of less than 12% will have reduced sensitivity because of increased pour sizes which lends itself to diffuse protein bands. Ideally suited for transfer or elution protocols where fixing of the protein bands is not required. The kit contains reagents for 25 mini-gels. Kit components (suitable for 25 mini gels):

  • Quick Reversible Stain (10X) (100 mL)
  • Destaining Slution (250 mL)
  • Imidazole-SDS Solution (100 mL)

Storage and Stability: Store stain at room temperature. Kit is stable for 1 year when stored and handled properly.

  • Appearance: Liquid

Technical Specifications

Storage Temperature:: RT
Hazardous Shipping:: Non-hazardous



Technical Documentation

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